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Back office

WP back office customised and automated solution for multi-site management

Sub-domain management to administer a network of several hundred franchisees.

Shared management of multi-user content and access rights (management capacity of 100 to 500 users)

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Multi Sites: Multisite is an advanced feature of WordPress that lets you manage multiple websites from a single dashboard. The platform refers to this conglomerate of sites as a network. Once you’ve set up Multisite, you can add as many websites as you like. We offer you a solution that can manage sub-domains and manage and publish content up and down from the main site to franchise sites and vice versa.

Back Office: On the internet, the concept of back office corresponds to the part of the website that is only visible to the site administrator and which allows to manage the content, the features… In contrast, the front office is the part of a website that is visible to Internet users. To image this, we can compare the front office to a store that welcomes visitors and the back-office part to the back shop where stocks, administration, etc. are managed.


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