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Charge book: advice and writing


  • 1 senior consultant (10 days) under NDA (confidentiality agreement) responsible for writing the specifications of your website.
  • 2 4-hour briefing meetings based on a technical and functional questionnaire
  • Available: a technical and functional specifications written and formatted .pdf (source files, documentary resources and annexes)

Excluding travel expenses


1. Background and Project
1.1. Team, scope and objectives of the project
1.2. Technical background
2. Perimeter of the solution

3. "Back-office" features
3.1. Template management
3.2. Workflow
3.3. Personalization management
3.4. Security, Authentication and Delegated Administration
3.5. Development
3.6. History management
3.7. Installation and administration

4. "Contributor" features (back-office)
4.1. Various features
4.2. Content edition
4.3. "Contributor" tools
4.4. Organization and workflow
4.5. Authentication

5. "User" features (front office)

6. Groupware / collaborative work

7. "Built-in" applications or extensions

8. Transactional / e-business / e-commerce

9. Integration

10. Statistics and REFERencing

11. Architecture and technical elements
11.1. Platform
11.2. Scalability
11.3. Technology
11.4. Standards
11.5. Performance
11.6. Support

Please consultus, please let us know your draft for study.

Technical and functional chargebook: A technical and functional specifications (CdCT) is a technical document. The specifications detailed and structured the specifications, the services to be rendered, the constraints of a product. A specification can apply in many cases, a service, a process, an intellectual service, a software or an information system.

The CoC T and F allows the project to be framed. It is also written at the end of the project launch phase, at the time of its validation.

It is at the centre of negotiations and exchanges between suppliers and the contractor. The specifications are a reference that allows to accompany the project from start to finish and to ensure that the expectations of the applicant are respected in the development of the product.


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