SSL means secure sockets layer. This is an encryption protocol. An SSL certificate serves as proof of binding identity, it secures the server/user dialogue.

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Service to implement an SSL Certificate for a domain name

  • 1 year of validity
  • Implementation of the end-to-end security certificate

Secure site at https: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)

Security level: 256-bit SSL encryption

Guarantee level: $500,000

Domain Validation Authentication (DV)

Protection valid for a domain or sub-domain

Pre-requisite: Have a domain name with a registrar of your choice

Registrar: A registrar or registrar is a company or association that manages the booking of Internet domain names.

DV Authentication: SSL certificates with Domain Validation (DV) have the lowest level of authentication. This ensures that the applicant does have the corresponding administrative rights over the domain – so the domain and the certificate must form a unit. However, the identity of the applicant is not verified. SSL DV certificates are therefore mainly used to protect personal websites such as blogs.
Please consult us for higher-level SSL certificates: Organization Validation (OV) or Extended Validation (EV).

SSL: SSL means secure sockets layer. This is an encryption protocol in the stack of TCP/IP protocols. An SSL certificate serves as proof of binding identity. In addition, the certificate often contains information with which the browser and server can establish encryption. Today, most certificates are based by default on TLS (Transport Layer Security) technology, but the old name SSL is still used in common language.

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