Package for a LinkedIn Advertising campaign for a minimum of 1 month.

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Service by a LinkedIn Ads manager including:

E-marketing campaign administration excluding actual advertising costs
Taking the targeting brief of your traffic objectives () management (Detailed brief of the objectives provided by you)
Preparing and integrating your campaign: setting up and targeting, editorial and visual
Settings and targeting: geographic, demographic, interests, themes, conversion tags
Piloting your ad campaigns on the main ads server


LK Ads account provided (Excluding actual advertising expense budgets)

Monitoring and daily monitoring of your campaign
Detailed daily reporting by Google Docs and Google Docs
Customer support 7/7d
Statistical review

Monthly settlement: Billing to order
Delivery time: 6 days
Length of mission: 1 month

Excluding thecost of purchasingagent-paying space

Seeour terms and conditions

(*) Traffic acquisition:

Traffic management is a process for attracting visitors (often referred to as “trafficking”) to websites, mobile applications and other digital elements. Example: “My acquisition strategy is focused on targeting people who have recently purchased an old home.”

Total media space purchase budget:

Total budget spent on advertising space, excluding your manager traffic costs. The daily budget of a campaign is usually capped by a 24-hour period in the campaign setting. The budget indication is relative, some clicks are counted in hindsight, depending on the server ads, it sometimes takes up to 24 hours after the standby to have the exact budget spent.



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