How can you improve your website’s visibility into natural search results?

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SEO “mini” referral tip package, made available to:

  • 1 junior consultant specializing in natural referencing consulting (SEO)
  • Study mission and optimization recommendations (minimum duration of the package: 5 days)
  • Implementation of corrective changes on 7 to 10 pages (all required access provided by the customer)
  • Available: Study showing the status of the ranking, the optimization points and SEO recommendations to be carried out.

OPTION (SEO Council in referencing):

  • Day/man-to-additional rate: €800

Please consult us for any custom quote requests.


SEO: Search Engine Optimization. The practice of making changes to web pages, content and the promotion of such content to improve their visibility in natural search results. Example: “Thanks to SEO optimization, my website is ranked higher in search engine results.”

Key word: A word or phrase that a user enters into a search engine and that companies can target in their advertising campaigns or in their natural referencing goals.

Link: Text or image containing a link on a page or website that redirects users to another page or site.

Search engine: A tool that indexes and offers relevant digital content based on keywords searched by users. Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Baidu and Yandex are among the most used web search engines. Example: “I use search engines to find out trends in interior design.”


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