You are looking for a SEO goldsmith, able to write a sponsored article of high editorial quality and 100% SEO friendly in order to guarantee you qualified incoming traffic on your website. Here we offer you a bespoke and innovative offer. Beyond the editorial design, you only pay for the traffic you earn!

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Want to publish a quality sponsored article? We offer this service to the unit, carried out by a consultant web editor, expert in SEO.


Editorial design and SEO friendly publication of a quality sponsored article including the following services:

  • Taking brief (remotely) to fit your goals: message, link and ranking (statistical access required).
  • Writing content (1 SEO article of 300 to 500 words). 100% of the content writing is unpublished, written by a senior editor designer, expert in SEO (Livrable a quality sponsored article under word).
  • Original illustration provided by you. If you don’t have any new photos or graphics, we recommend that you hire a photographer or graphic designer.
  • SEO advice on keywords and meta data to work to achieve your goal.
  • The sponsored article has 2 to 3 backlinks (to be validated by you) Included shuttles and corrections.
  • Publication on a quality French blog, content controlled by a team of editors.
  • Monthly traffic statistics on your website links (if sharing access to your Analytics and Console Search accounts).

After publishing your quality sponsored article,we work and charge for the result.

Apart from the publication fees and the editor’s fees (i.e. 230 euros), then we charge only if successful. In fact, we provide you with a monthly statistical table (Google Analytics Source). This report counts the number of incoming clicks on your website. You know how many clicks come from the quality sponsored item you bought. It is therefore a sustainable sponsored article. We track SEO over time, so we always drive more traffic to your goal. In the long run, we optimize the ranking of your sponsored article according to the regular evolutions of search engine algorithms.

For more information, check out our frequent answer questions:

What budget for an editor designer?


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